A/to ‘break’ has many meanings: to disobey a rule or law, to escape from restraint, to happen to turn out in a particular way, discontinuity in something and/or an unexpected opportunity that allows achievement.

This is how I live and also how I choose to create.


In the summer of ’91 I ‘broke away’ from my family for the first time to run free and amok across Europe with friends. Upon returning I ‘broke with’ my past for no longer was I myopically local, but rather broad-mindedly global. And the rest of my life has followed suit.

I ‘broke off’ the relations I had fostered for many years, leaving behind my old friends, making new ones while living a hedonistic lifestyle, all the while discovering more about myself, slowly fanning the embers of my personal creativity.

I ‘broke with’ tradition and married out of my faith. Hannah is supremely awesome, end of story.

Then I again ‘broke away’ from my family, heading for Southern California where I would be for almost 4 years, separated from Hannah while she lived and worked in Japan for two.

As I wrote this, we were back together again, living in Tokyo, ‘breaking’ all the tightly held traditional stereotypes of what it means to be married in Japan. Hannah worked full-time while I was a bit of a journeyman, doing several jobs, but also leaving time to clean, do laundry and take out the garbage…it was no problem at all and I rather enjoyed it. I was free to explore my environs, to write and to shoot.

Now, we both call Invermere, British Columbia home.

So, it stands to reason that living such a ‘broken’ lifestyle must somehow ‘break’ my vision of the world, and my place in it.

U b the judge.

I received my first 35mm SLR many years ago, and it was challenging learning how to use it. Now, I know the theory but allow my feelings to guide my photography, flexing if not 'breaking the rules’ while continuing to shoot… to see what becomes of my efforts.

These are my ‘broken’ fotos. Enjoy them, or don’t – it’s up 2 u!

Santi Santi,

Stephen Lebovits
Montreal – San Diego – Tokyo - Invermere